YOUR College thinks you’re ready for work,but will the workplace?

Students, you want to get the internship or your first job, but where do you start?

Parents, you want your adult children to achieve personal and financial success, but don’t know what to say or do?

University career planners and administrators, you want your graduates to succeed and become active alumni.

We can help. For the past 20 years we have advised managers of Fortune 500 companies how to develop and implement strategies to achieve success. Now we are teaching students how to communicate their ability to solve the business problems that a company faces.

Our students learn proven, time-tested techniques to achieve their personal goals.

We are a Northern NJ based practice serving the greater New York City area focused on career coaching for college students.  Our career counseling consultants use proven business strategies to advise college students and recent graduates.  We focus on helping students clearly demonstrate their value, set clear goals, focus on their target interests and competencies, and learn how to sell themselves with confidence for any interview or meeting with a company they approach.  We help “bridge the gap” from college to the real world.

Click here to learn more www.nextgreatstep.com


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